Tiny Tricia

My journey to a tinier me.


  • Tiny House Basics: The owners of this Tiny House Nation featured tiny house have taken what they learned about building and turned it into a business in the Bay Area—they provide tiny house shells, which can drastically shorten your time to move-in.
  • Tiny Houses Subreddit: A great place to ask tough questions and get feedback on your plans.
  • Tiny House People on Facebook (Closed Group): I love getting these updates in my Facebook feed—things I never thought about and cheering people on.
  • The Tiny Life:  A wealth of excellent resources and encouragement from Ryan Mitchell, who successfully built his own tiny house.


Pretty Good

  • The Big Tiny: A Built-It-Myself Memoir by Dee Williams: Dee is the godmother of the tiny house movement, so reading her story is helpful for understanding the movement's origins. 
  • Tiny House Chat podcast: Hosted by the man behind TheTinyLife.com, this is a down-to-earth and super practical podcast for tiny house building.



  • Tiny House Podcast: The show's interviews are pretty entertaining but none of the hosts are currently living in a tiny house and one of them seems obsessed with name dropping. Also they really need some editing help. So it's hit or miss.