Tiny Tricia

My journey to a tinier me.

What kind of certified project manager would I be if I didn't keep a running record of lessons learned during my process?

  • Building indoors has some real advantages. While California is generally wonderful for building and our drought has kept things dry, wind and rain are still buzzkills until you get a roof on (especially if you have to finagle a huge piece of plastic covering). Winter evenings cut light short for build days. Especially if you're going to live in your unfinished tiny house, an industrial building space is really ideal if it's available and affordable.
  • Screws vs. nails. If I was an experienced builder, a nailgun would be the fastest option. But I'm not, and screws are a lot easier to get out of wood and fix when you do something wrong. Also, Philips head screws are the devil—star bits give you much better torque and help prevent stripping screws and swearing.