Tiny Tricia

My journey to a tinier me.

About Tiny Budgets

When my friends and family ask how much it costs to build a tiny house, I tell them it really depends (because it does).

I have a friend who built hers with her boyfriend for $10,000 by finding almost all the materials and doing the work themselves (famed tiny houser Macy Miller, a real-life architect, also achieved this). If you want to build a ready-to-go tiny house (like a Tumbleweed), you'll likely have a starting price of at least $50,000.

I want to live in my tiny home for a while, and I want to stay in the bay area for a few years at least. Given the ridiculous cost of living here, I realized that if I live in my tiny house for 3 years, my budget to break even could be $50,000.

Since that runs a bit high compared to most DIY-ers, I'd actually like to aim for between $30-$40k, but it's kind of a weird comfort to know that I have an easily-achievable ROI to work with.

My Spend to Date

$18.73 - Work gloves (10/2/15)

$18.39 - The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up (11/9/15)

$50.00 - Lynda tutorials to learn Sketchup (monthly cost, 11/15-Present)

$37.00 - Macy Miller's Udemy courses (on sale from normal $28/course)