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7 Things I Enjoy About Living in a Small Space

For a year and a half now, I've lived in a 350SF apartment. I've lived in small spaces in the past as well—here's why I actually prefer them to larger spaces!

  • Wireless headphones work. My bluetooth headphones work anywhere in my home while my phone stays in one spot to charge.
  • Cleaning is minimal. I basically vacuum a 5'x7' rug once a month and dust a few surfaces with a Swiffer wipe. Boom.
  • Galley kitchens rule. I love cooking and have found galley kitchens to be way more efficient than kitchens with a lot of square footage. Just turn around and keep working.
  • Decluttering is manageable. When all your stuff is... stuffed... into a small space, you have extra incentive to declutter ASAP. And you also feel the benefit of it right away!
  • Decorating is simple. I have one room to pull together. Since I don't particularly excel at interior decorating, I like that I don't have to figure out more furniture and window treatments.
  • Feeling alone (in a good way). This is ridiculous but big empty houses make me run replays of daytime murder investigation features. So I like being able to see that there aren't any strangers hiding in my hallway. Cuz I don't have one.
  • Finding stuff is easy. There are only so many places I can leave my phone in my small home. But if I somehow lose it, I will hear it anywhere, even on vibrate.

Ultimately a lot of what I like about living in a smaller space has to do with being relentless about only keeping things I really like. It's a way of living that requires more thoughtfulness, and owning less has honestly brought a lot more contentment into my life.