Tiny Tricia

My journey to a tinier me.

Practicing Tiny: Oven

My kitchen is arguably the most important room in my home, but it's also one of the most expensive (both in money and space) when it comes to a tiny house. I want to be able to do full-fledged cooking in a tiny space.

ZOMG teeny tiny donut miracles cooked by a tea-light!

In my current studio apartment, the oven is quite small by modern standards—the internal dimensions are about 20" deep x 16" wide x 14" high. Despite the size, I use my oven about every day, partly because I use it to heat up food a lot since I don't own a microwave. Besides heating, I also bake somewhat regularly and do plenty of roasting and whatnot.

But so far, the only problem I've encountered is my pizza stone won't fit inside (and I haven't seen the need to buy a smaller one). The objection I hear most often concerns a turkey, but let's get real: unless I have kiddos (not happening any time soon), I'm not going to be the one hosting my family's Thanksgiving gatherings. So we're good!

When my current baking sheet had just become uncleanable, I decided to replace it with a $9 quarter-sheet that's just 13" x 9.5". My theory is I'll use this for all my cooking needs—and if everything fits, I don't need actually oven space bigger than what would fit that tray.

If that's the case, I might decide to get a badass toaster oven like this one instead of a full-sized oven (saving myself hundreds of dollars in the process). Never thought I'd say that, but if it meets my needs, why not?

I've had the small baking sheet over a month now and so far so good! I'll report back with an update if anything changes, but this has been a great test so far. Maybe the next step is getting the toaster oven and locking up my normal oven for a while?

Practicing Tiny is my series of experiments with tiny living—it's my "try before you buy" way of testing out what my needs are before committing to a build. It's fun.