Tiny Tricia

My journey to a tinier me.

Small Spaces I Have Loved

These five spaces were significant in teaching me what I really enjoy about a home, and the common denominator is their size.

My College Dorm Room

This was my half of a dorm room for my sophomore year of college. The wooden furniture and bed was provided, but the couch was a hand-me-down (still my favorite couch I've ever owned). 

My College Apartment

My roommates called this lofted bed setup "the lair." I enjoyed the privacy it gave me, and furnished the rest of my room with childhood furniture and the hand-me-down couch's cousin, the best reading chair I've ever owned.

I also had this huge bulletin board I collaged with keepsakes from my semester abroad that made me really happy.

My First Solo Apartment

Built-in bookshelves, a garden tub, and a small balcony I could take the couch cushions out onto to sleep on cool nights—what more could an almost-broke cub reporter ask for? This is still one of the nicest apartments I've ever had.


My First Reading Nook

Living in a townhouse was a bit challenging since it was so long and narrow, but this little nook was one of my favorite parts of the house. Nothing beats a comfy papasan for afternoon reading and naps, curled up with a handmade afghan from my great aunt.

The front window had some nice boxed herbs and the curtains I sewed myself. I also made the bookpages wreath (check out the tutorial I used).


Airbnb 1960s Camper

To this day, this 1960s camper in Nashville is one of my favorite Airbnb adventures. I was a bit worried about staying here since it was January (brrrr!) but it was totally toasty and listening to the rain hit the metal roof was a dream.


I keep trying to recreate feelings I had when I lived in spaces like these—and I'm getting closer!